Golden Gate (Seeing)

August 2008

I was sitting at the foot of the Mount of Olives dotted with Jewish graves, directly opposite the Golden Gate. Jesus was sitting next to me and gave me the experience of His heart’s burden. In my heart was sounding: ,,Oh Jerusalem, the Holy City. Jerusalem, my home.“ Jesus was crying and said me: “You can be the guardian of the Golden Gate.” At the thought have raised in me concerns how to cope with that, drought, the tombs, tension, heaviness. However, yes. Suddenly we were with Jesus hovering in an area above the valley, before the Golden Gate. He invited me to dance, he took my hand, we were dancing a dignified and also cheerful Israel dance. It was very slight and easy. I guess that farther are also other dancers. Suddenly, the graves opened, and there went out resurrected ones there.

A picture: November 2008

A stir before the Golden Gate in the area above the valley. Crowds are dancing swiftly, cheerfully a modern dance. Apparently the multitudes of the Gentiles. Tension and expectation is growing, anticipation of coming the King. Desire for meeting is enormous, everything in us is calling with desire. Suddenly, behold He is coming, the King is going, also the crowd is going behind Him. We are running to meet Him, dancing with joy around Him. He is welcoming us, laughing, greeting us, and is happy about us. I’m weeping with j oy, we are countless. We are rejoicing, dancing, full of respect and we are accompaning Jesus to the gate. We are gaping ourselff as crowd and letting Him go at the head of the crowd. He is entering the Golden Gate as first, tubes are inserted as fanfares, everything is majestic. It’s triumphal parade and at the head is going the King to the Holy Mountain. The crowds are cheering and waiving His praise. The whole city is dancing, we have pleasure one of another. Later everything is quitting down in expectations of a new day, of a new beginning.