Golden Gate ( A vision)

A vision in August 2008

I was sitting at the foot of the Mount of Olives which was covered by Jewish graves, directly opposite the Golden Gate. Jesus was sitting next to me and let me the experience of His heart’s burden. I could hear in my heart: ,,Oh Jerusalem, the Holy City. Jerusalem, my home.“ Jesus was crying and told me: “You can be the watchman of the Golden Gate.“ Some fears how to deal with that rose inside me, drought, the tombs, tension, heaviness. However, yes. Suddenly we were floating with Jesus above the valley, in front of the Golden Gate. He invited me to dance, he took my hand, we were dancing both a dignified and cheerful Israeli dance. It was very light and easy. I felt that there were some other dancers as well. Suddenly, the graves opened and resurrected ones went out there.

A vision in October 2008

There is some excitement in front of the Golden Gate in the area above the valley. There are crowds of people, dancing a modern dance briskly and cheerfully. They seem to be from different nations. Excitement and expectation are growing, anticipation of coming the King. Desire for encounter is enormous, all within us is calling with desire: „Come, Lord, come“. Suddenly, behold, He is coming, the King is aproaching, also lots of people are coming with Him. We run towards Him, dancing out of joy around Him. He is welcoming us, laughing, greeting us and is happy. We are dancing and crying for joy. We are rejoicing, playing, dancing, playing the drums. Resounding, cheerful music and singing can be heard everywhere. Full of respect we are accompaning Jesus to the gate. He is walking, leading the crowd. There is a triumphal sound of blowing, Jeshua is entering the Golden Gate first, tubes are played as fanfares, everything is majestic. It’s triumphal parade and the King is coming to the Temple Mountain. The crowds are cheering and waving to give Him praise. The whole city is dancing, we are all happy and we follow Him. Later everything is falling silent, soft early evening light is spreading around. „A new day is arising“ can be heard from the silence.